About Us

Since 1967, U.S. Metalcraft, Inc. has been serving the North American memorial industry as a leading provider of cemetery memorial flower vases, cremation urns and related add-on memorial products. From the beginning, our company has been privately owned with a four-generation family history of manufacturing memorials. It's with this knowledge that all of the Metalcraft products have been designed to offer a practical use with a distinctive beauty. Our goal has been to create quality products, which are traded on fair pricing and supported by outstanding customer service.

When you order a vase from U.S. Metalcraft, Inc., it is die-cast, powder-coated, and shipped to you all from Ohio. We are proud our vases are Made in the U.S.A. by American workers.

Logistics & Services

Metalcraft’s advanced logistics systems helps us remain flexible to accommodate our customer’s changing needs and handle the many details of being a customer-oriented business. We strive to operate in the eyes of you, our loyal customer. Starting from the drafting table to the coating line, from the order desk to the shipping truck, our commitment never wavers from the mindset of quality, craftsmanship and professional customer service.

Quality Construction

The latest generation of Metalcraft memorial flower vases are the best we have ever made. Capitalizing on new advances in all areas of technology, today we have added manufacturing processes to create extended durability for years of distinctive beauty. We start with a newly developed aluminum casting alloy engineered for the harshest environment; then the vase casting is sealed and primed, providing a superior bond for the outer decorative finishes. We complete our vases using recently developed nano-technology in our powder coated finishes which offer a new chemistry for prolonged durability and UV protection. The result is that Metalcraft memorial flower vases have received the highest rating from the standardized salt spray testing used in the automotive industry.