Cor-Loc® Installation Method

Is a simple solution to mounting a Lawn/Flush ground unit assembly to a granite marker. From underneath, the Cor-Loc® slides over the PVC canister and into the core hole of the marker, filling the gap between the PVC canister and granite. When wedged in, the Cor-Loc® acts as a compression, fitting securely fastening the ground unit to the granite marker. Quick, easy, and no messy epoxies.

Step 1

Disconnect and remove the vase from the In-Gound unit before installation. Position In-Ground unit in core hole.

Step 2

Place a piece of cardboard or carpet underneath to protect the face of the marker. Slide the Cor-Loc® over the In-Ground unit PVC canister and into the core hole.

Step 3

With a hammer, drive the Cor-Loc® securely into the gap between the PVC Canister and granite. Alternate strikes to keep the Cor-Loc® level. Continue to drive the Cor-Loc® in as far as possible.

Step 4

Approximately 1" of the Cor-Loc® unit will be showing. Place the marker into position and reconnect the vase to the chain. Installation is now complete.