Fastener Installation Methods

Metalcraft cemetery memorial flower vases have five different ways to be attached to a memorial; lug, strap, tape, bevel marker wedge, and Cor-Loc®.


A rosette with one 5/16" x 1-1/2" threaded lug is screwed and epoxied into a hole drilled in the memorial base. The vase is then screwed down onto the rosette. The vase can be removed by unscrewing it from the rosette, or securely attached by adding Loc-Tite to the threads before screwing the vase down.


A heavy gauge stainless steel strap bolts to the bottom of the vase and inserts between the die and the base of the monument. The vase cannot be removed without moving the die. A perfect solution.


Double sided tape is used between the vase and the memorial. The tape requires a polished surface on the granite and the high-strength tape requires 100 lbs. of force to break the seal. Weatherproof, easy to mount, and permanent.

Bevel Marker Wedge

Heavy die-cast aluminum color matched wedges allow the mounting of vases on 1-1/2" bevel markers. Wedges are matched to fit most of our vases using either the double-sided tape, or a lug. The bevel marker wedge is permanent, easy to mount, and eliminates ground obstruction around the marker.

Cor-Loc® Installation Method

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